You pull back the last generated bill 
The unpaid invoices are one of the most critical issues for any business. For this reason our online invoice software incorporates processes that can help manage the overdue invoices.

In other words, generates an automatic email to your customers with unpaid invoices with a single mouse click.

Claim unpaid invoices

Our online invoice software has a main area called Accounting than has several sections that will allow us to list the bills generated limited by dates, customers, amounts, etc.. is a very flexible process thanks to the control panel that we have implemented in this section you'll find that accounting and below. Click on image to view full screen.

In addition, section accounting has several sub-sections for direct access to different sections like past due bills, forecasting incoming bank transfers than can be accesed with only a mouse click:

Now we have seen in more detail the claim of unpaid invoices:

As you can see in this list we have the following columns, starting with the left:

Document column (Doc)

Here appears that the document number if it starts with letter "i" before the number thes means that document is an invoice. The numbering of invoices, budgets, delivery notes and orders can be programmed into the administration panel on the counters section.

Customer code (or wildcard symbol #)

This is the customers code, leaving the mouse pointer move on without him we will see a popup box with the full name of the client and if we click on it invoice software will take us to customer details sheet.

Order Date (Ddocument)

This column will appear the date on which the document was created or ordered.

If the document has been created during the day when we appear in place of its creation date.

Invoice date (Ddate)

Here we have the date on which the order has been invoiced, as in the case of the date of order, if it was made during the current day business management application will show the time at has been done in days instead of months and years.

Shipment date (Dshipment)

The date of shipment, when the order has left the warehouse, please note that this date appears only for those companies working with physical materials, for example if a service company, this field is empty or could be used to display the date on which the service was completed.

Payment status(payment)

This column displays the status of your payment, in red if the bill is overdue and unpaid.

Document total value with taxes included (Total v / i)

This column will show the total of the document inclusive of VAT.


The user who has invoiced the customer doc

Overdue days (Odays)

This informs us of the days that have elapsed since the overdue date of the invoice.


In this column have different icons that let you perform various actions such as:

  • The magnifying glass icon will take you to the document within the application.

  • PDF icon will show the document in PDF format.

  • Icon of paper we show a connection with all actions that have been made on this document, ie when it was sent, when and by whom it has been claimed, is what we call the control the customer relationship or CRM.

  • Mail button with an icon in envelope or letter format allows us to send the customer an automatic e-mail based on templates remember to pay the bill. If this icon is red it indicates that there is no contact related to this customer who has an e-mail to complete and therefore we can not send documents by email.


  • Last icon, is used to verify invoices received, pressing Mark as checked the invoice if you press again as this is not checked, check invoices serves to once a bank receipt to us and on our own can not be returned by the customer or a bank transfer when we get physically to our bank account.

Now you can a video showing the process of reclaiming an overdue invoice: