A multiple pricelist software, the price to every customer 
invOOice.com is adaptable to virtually any kind of business ready to bill all market sectors.

With a few mouse clicks will get the application to adapt to the needs of your business.

Billing products or billing services

Features such as the activation or deactivation of the control of products stocks can move from a selling products application to a selling services applications, if you need you can even mixing products and services.

From few customers to many customers

Depending on your type of invOOice.com license you can manage a small business or manage big companies, you can handle from a database with few customers and orders to a large database with a large number of customers and a huge volume of invoices and orders.

Document management, contact management

invOOice.com is also an advanced billing program an excellent tool for managing documents such as invoices, packing slips, budgets and management of contacts, allowing to have different addresses and contact persons for the same company.

It also incorporates a system of customer relationship management or CRM that can meet all electronic communications made with your customers, know who have sent emails to every customer, which bills to budget.

All this information accessible in a few clicks of your mouse.