Send quotes and invoices without leaving the application 
Our online invoicing system program can export different types of data to other applications.

Thanks to the export of data save time and avoid mistakes in the process of remittance bank drafts and even the transfer of data to the accounting software that you use in your business

Export bank drafts

Our billing application has a tab for specific processes of export data, we can generate from this tab a bank drafts files than can be imported in your bank.

Most banks now have Internet Banking through which we see our revenue and expenses, now all incorporate a system for sending digital files to generate automated bank drafts. Some organizations require that the accounting department or the employer of the account holder requesting the opening of this service, which is usually free of direct cost, cost per turn is given the usual manual process or the company has negotiated with the bank.

Through this process export saves paper and time by avoiding displacements to your bank and avoid possible errors in the transcription of data.

Exporting invoices to an accounting software

Before accountants had to counting the bills printed and inserted in the accounting software each by each, now thanks to will gain many hours in this process since a simple click of button will be exported to a file compatible with most knowing accounting softwares.