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Invoice customers from invOOice.com it's a very simple task, you can import customers from virtually any application you use for billing.

If you not precise import customer data can also be introduced to customers as they made customer orders. Our online invoicing software application to enter the customer data was never so easy and fast.

Create customers for billing

Obviously creating customers is the first step to generate invoices and other documents such as delivery notes, quotations and proforma invoices. With invOOice.com introduce customers live is a very fast process.

If the customer has been billed in previosly you can access your file directly through the client customer finder from the top of the application window, search engine will search in the customer name, custmer code, customer legal number or in any customer comments that you have entered in the customer sheet.

Introducing customers in the commercial management software

Enter customers manually is an easy process thanks to the aided input systems that invOOice.com features, see the Customer tab that you listed below.

A checkbox named Control marked with a notch or Visé reports that the aided input system is activated and therefore our program will help us complete customer data to turn it off simply click once on the mark.

Surely now you ask How can help you our featured system? take this examples:

  • In the field of legal name of the client, which is the name that appears on the bill, invOOice.com convert strings end style inc ltd in "INC.", "Ltd.", in this way you can enter "Shoes Chic inc " and the system will change to "Shoes Chic Inc. will automatically win a second or more time and acronyms are correctly typed in your customer database.

  • In the legal name field if you write the word idem, or type quotes quotes system copy the contents of the field, Legal Name in the Trade Name fieldwhich will earn another three or four seconds of time wins.

  • System verfication aids to Legal number field, a complete validation formules to sure the legal number is correctly typed. This verification minimizes the errors in the billing and serves as verification of accuracy of the information provided by the customers.

  • Customer duplication control based in a Legal number field check, if you are entering already exists in the database invOOice.com alerted us to a warning to avoid duplication of files and subsequent problems.

As you could see aided input systems help improve data entry speed up our productivity, verify the validity of the data and constrain the duplicates and subsequent errors.

Invoicing customers

To create a new invoice only need to click on the tab Documents

In this window the system will show you all documents, including bills that have been made to this customer.

Surely now you ask what is a document? Well a document is any invoice, rate, order or delivery note document.

When you start creating an invoice management system always creates a commercial document, which does not affect stocks, is a worthless as a record. Once created, the document only have to select Invoice in the drop-down lis of documents and that this becomes an invoice.

Bill is a very simple, if you want to show a video that we created a customer and then take an order, and generate the corresponding invoice submitted by e-mail: