You can leave notes on customers, orders, invoices provides a maximum rate of four per product price.

be sold to end customers, distributors, stores or agents always controlling and adjusting its profit for each type of customer.

Flexibility upto four rates

The system is flexible enough to manage four different price lists, ie the same product can be assessed only one price list, two, three and even upto four price list.

These rates can be called in any form, for example PVP (retail price) or ex works prices, wholesalers prices, etc.. Your only limit is your imagination.

The user with administrator status can activate or deactivate the different pricelist. Many companies will only settle for a single rate others will require upto four price list.

Automatic price ranges for volume purchases

Another smart option of is the ability to charge a fee or another in the current order based on the volume of customer's purchases realized over a period of time configured in the invoice software preferences panel, a clarifying example:

"The admin user has configured a break fee to customers that we buy more than 3000 euros during 3 months. Games Store is a customer with a high growth and has charged 3020 euros in the previous 3 months, previously Games Store had the normal price list called A, now for the next orders the system automatically assigns the rate called B with new price list Games Store benefit of a higher discount"

This functionality will undoubtedly reward the loyalty of your customers by offering greater discounts on larger volume purchases and all this as an automatic and preprogrammed conditions by the admin.

Block a rate for a customer

If you need to assign a fixed rate to a particular customer you can set the price by allocating the fee that's right for you. This rate will be locked to only those users you choose and it not affected by the automatic price list updgrades or downgrades.

My client types

The system can display the amount of customers that exist for each type of rate that is discharged into the business management program.