You no longer need to know a zipcode is an intelligent web application, designed to help you manage your business . Therefore to activate a single system for order management that helps you store in the preparation and packing materials, see the contribution they can in the following lines.

Warehouse Management has a tab for the exclusive management of the warehouse, it typically accesses the personnel involved in the preparation of packages for shipment to customers, to access this tab will see the following sub-options:

Tab "Prepare"

The first tab is called "Prepare" here include all those orders already invoiced and can be started to serve customers.

You can also force the preparation of an order or other document is not checked, imagine such an order is not paid or is billed for a relative or someone you trust the company.

To force the production of a document shall not be invoiced, click on the button "Prepare" in the bottom of all documents in the light of Clients> Documents

The list of the 'Prepare' allows us to perform various functions on each request:

1. Visualize the order of preparation, which will show us a request with the location of each item in the request indicating that store shelves column and the product is located.

2. Assign a user to prepare, thanks to this feature may be responsible for stock balance the workload by assigning orders to a specific user or another

3. Begin to prepare your order, or what is entered in the 'Up "

At the end we can see the" Assigned to me "button that allows any user to know that stock orders has yet to be prepared so you can plan the work or ask for help if the manager of the store could not cope with such volume picking.

tab "Up"

This second section of the tab will store a list of all orders are being prepared at this time.

From here we can open and print the document to take us tapping the store and go all the material we throw away or taking back the order status is back to previous tab orders to "prepare."

Order Now with the expanded view, we must enter line by line on the order quantities we will send to each product The system will check if the amount requested matches the amount you wish to send you the show in the following pictures, if you hit them you'll see the zoomed image within its own context:

If all the quantities ordered are consistent with the amounts that we have packed an icon to close the box of the order at the bottom of the screen:

If you click on the the Order will proceed to the next tab, the tab order ready.

In this tab you can see different types of actions or icons, view the order, return to the previous state "Up" or a last button whose icon you can switch between two forms, then you expand these two icons:

As you've deducted the first corresponds to "His own" the customer is going to find the material, send a Transport your account or delivered by hand, the second corresponds to a dispatch by our transport agencies, whether to be charged or not the note.

Clicking on one of the icons order to pass the tab order of the messenger, the last of all sections making up the management process a request.

As you've seen in this last window has some additional buttons that are not present in all sections of stock:

If you click on these buttons you know that orders have gone out today, this week, this year, and so on. It will locate and evaluate the workload in stock during each period of the year.

The order processing system is a system that can be disabled in the settings of the agenda for example turnover services firms that lack logistics department for not sending packets for the rest of companies represents an optimal tool for the proper storage.