Generate files for household bills is easy 
With create products in the database will be very easy, for a better search you can group the products into families and subfamilies.

Also, if you need to have a powerful e-commerce catlog on the Internet can connect with the implementation of online catalogs automatically.

A product catalog very easy to maintain

Product creation in is as easy as quick thanks to the multiple data entry aids, simply enter the product reference, the name of the product and the price at which you want to sell. Only with these three fields you can make invoices.

If a product is not in the product database and you needs to bill now may want to use wildcards references in the process of creating the order, quote or invoice such as "000000" and introduce the product description and price four yourself, obviously if you use wildcard references the invooice software does not affect the stock of products and could result in some stock issues.

In addition the invoice application allows you group products into different families, it is called multifamily feature, a product may be in different families concurrently ie imagine a company selling office equipment, pens with the subfamily roller or fine tip may be simultaneously in the subfamilies of markers, pens and rollers. Thanks to this feature the product visibility is higher.

In previous picture we can see the product sheet, if you press on the image will expand and this will allow you to see more detail some of the fields of the complete product.