Very fast sending an invoice with a single click of your mouse 
Our commercial management software is a complete solutions, you can create suppliers and product purchases with the same ease as creating a bill to one customer.

To access Suppliers you need a specific range of privileges, ie not all users may make supplier purchases, only those who are assigned to the suppliers section.

Creating suppliers

Create a supplier is as easy as creating a customer has many aids in the data input process in order to minimize possible errors that may occur, such as checking the legal number code in real time, resolution of zip codes, etc..

In the image above you see a detail of the main data sheet of a supplier, click on the image to enlarge.

Suppliers purchasing history

You can access all the documentation from any supplier, pending orders reception, orders already taken over as you can even see other documents such as proposals or prospecting price orders.

Historic purchasing of our online invoicing solution may know that already amounts to price shopping in particular supplier, so that we always get the best price to sell with a wider margin or move the best prices to your customers getting the best price of th market.


Cost and profits

The product sheets product can display the average cost of any product and the margin you get to any of the charges which have assets in the business management sogtware, if a product price rises and the margin was negative, and your company lost money our invoice software notifies you with a visual warning that you can not ignore.


Stock updates has the advantage that it provides a service management in Internet-based trading, the stock is always updated, we call stock in real time, regardless of the number of warehouses that have your company regardless of point of sales, or trade delegations to use the management application.

Now is easier than never to take stock of the company.