It incorporates a large database of zip codes multiuser feature allows different users invoicing at the same time.

This feature allows you to have different point of sales even located in different parts of the globe.

However, what happens if two users try to edit the same customer simultaneously?

Simultaneous customer edition

Imagine an employee who called Peter, is taking a sales call with a customer and is acting to change the telephone or any other data from this client, and without Peter knowing your terminal to another company employee, which we call Gloria is acting to correct errors in the customer profiles completing the profiles that have no zip code.

Without a control of simultaneous editing the last record data can erase data entered by the first, but has a edition control system that only allows you to edit the same customer profile by a unique user, releasing the customer profile whe the first users saves the data..

What happens if Peter did not record the customer profile?

Is not as usual but it can happen, either because they go out to drink a coffee either because they did not properly exit the application... For these cases has a feature that unblock the customer profile when a preconfigured seconds passed since some user starts editing a customer profile.

Unlock times are fully configurable by a administrator user, admin can also push a button in the preferences panel section that allows you to force the release of all customer profiles on demand.