Admin users can add or remove privileges to any user 

Notes or stickers are an essential and useful today in a customer relationship management software. Through them you can leave a sticky note to any other user in an order, a customer main profile window or any other screen in our online invoicing software.

You can leave notes to yourself as a reminder for example: "Call this customer . or "these bills Block "

Sticky notes ssociated with a customers, orders, etc

Leaving a note is always associated with the information the user is viewing at screen, that is, if we are in the customer addresses tab and we make a notation as:

"Check the address for this customer"

Note is recorded on this customer addresses, after when you clic on a certain sticky note the invoice software will take you to this customer addresses tab.

This kind of annotations are extremely useful because of its great flexibility as the same may be left in any part of the CRM software, for example in an customer order to further adjust prices

"John tries to make a volume discount on this order"

Or leave a sticky note to yourself in the product sheet to complete it later.

"Review the description of this product"

View all your notes

Our business management software will show you forever, you're on the screen, all the notes yourself or other users you have assigned, located in a small module to your right. This list shows all the sticky notes in descending order, ie the most recent top showing in the label and the user name that you left the sticky note with the text of it hidden until you pass the mouse over the sticky note.

Clicking on sticky note program will take you to the screen of the program where the note was recorded and will show you the complete text of the note.

User adressed sticky notes

The billing software lets you assign a note to a particular user, for example, imagine the case of John, commercial director of a company.

John gets a call from a client, and this tells you prefer to speak to other business called Peter, but Peter is not in his position at that time, return later.

John details sought by the customer search enginge and leave a note assigned to the user Peter. When Peter log into the CRM that will have a new sticky note attached to her John, if you click on the note will go to the tab of the client where to find the entry you make the call.

Notes behavior

As explained above the software always displays the notes assigned to the user on the right side of the screen, pressing the note on the management application will lead to record customer orders or screen that was created note. If we are the user receiving the sticky note we can now mark it as processed.

If a customer has more than one note, the system will show a small browser between all customer sticky notes.

All users can view the notes from other users to prevent the entry of private notes by accident.