Discharging a supplier will take you less than a minute 


Unify stock will be easier than ever thanks to all user members of your management application are accessing to the central database, although one is in China and one in USA.

The stock discount will be perfect at many points of sale that you have. The total stock is automatically updated every second.

Warehouse stocks in real time

Our CRM allows you sync the product stock of the website with your warehouse and your physical shops, because really all access the same product database.

Product inventories in your shops and warehouse now will be much easier than ever, now you can ask to the application for any product without having to waste time making calls to inquire about the stock of certain products between all shops and warehouses.


Reserving products

This feature is optional, and can fully activated in preferences panel, reserving products allows book products on different situations, for example to make a reservation when there is no physical stock of a certain product in your warehouse or if the products is a new item in your catalog and you want to take booking of them before the product will arrive to the market.

Stocks alerts in order creation

When a user is making a new document, the business management system will monitor the stock of all the warehouse, real-time warning of the existence or otherwise of this reference product in stock.


When updates Stock?

Stock will be updated as you want, ie when the user rank by setting administrator decides upon the application where you can book decides whether or not products and that time is reserved, for example:

  • Product is reserved when a user place an order
  • Product is reserved when a user make a budget

Also configures the system to tell it when the stock is discounted store:

  • Discount stocks when a user checkout an invoice
  • Discounted when a user send the requested budget
  • No discount products is a service

The latter is suitable for service companies or for certain items that do not have a stock, for example:

Hours of service, travel, etc..