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Manage multiple warehouse and stores is easy with our online invoicing application, as well can handle more than one store, from a single store to 99 stores.

The warehouse management can be disabled by configuration if your company needs to manage the store for example in service companies that not sell physical materials.

The warehouse management in

The warehouse management is a set of processes that can manage all the products that you have in stock.

In this warehouse section we will give you tools to manage warehouse, first tool is a preparing orders system, other tool the family system for grouping all your product catalog, a product maintenance and inventory tool, with sizes, stocks, descriptions, and more, and finally a warehouse location products tool, now you can find a product in any of your warehouse as fast as easy.

Our online billing app lets you have different stores so that when an order is needed the order preparing system can report you the exact location of each product in order.

It is an ideal system for managing multi-companies with different branches or stores around the world, used to share products in chain stores like shoe stores, clothing stores, etc..

This window has several sub-system is the first aid assistance for the order preparation system, a process is explained in greater detail in the section orders management

Families and subfamilies of products in catalog

Besides the sub-group discussed above under the stock options have the tab for Family of Products which will give high subfamilies of the products.

By clarifying and generally say that the families are grouped products that let your customers know what kind of products our company sells, families are not physical products families only are a logical grouping that is used for example on the website for an improving users navigation.

Entering products in your catalog

The following sub-section is where our online invoicing app allows you to create and maintain the products we have in the catalog, you will find all the products your company sells, have stock or not in stock. Control number of stock pieces and his location in your warehouse.

Products may be in different states, from "in cataloge" to "in edition" for further information on the process of creating products please see Entering products

Making orders from suppliers

Orders to suppliers are not made from the sale of warehouse management tab, but from the edge of suppliers, so ordering from a supplier must first go to the main menu and select "Providers"

The operation of an order from a supplier is virtually the same as clients, create main data, create address and make orders except that we must always update the prices in an order manually to update our product costs, see in the tab product

All information on this section Buy from suppliers

Entering products in stock from a suppplier order

The materials come into our warehouse where the goods upon receipt and verify each order placed and select "Enter a stock, now our warehouse is automatically updated with the quantities ordered.

Find products in stock

This is one of the more advanced features of our online billing program. Previously we used to be able to create the stores in our program, to define a store in must access the locations.

The first column with "AL" shows us where the store is, we can have a maximum of 24 warehouses, stores the name will always be a point, being the first store A, store the second B and so on until the last stock we have.

To continue with the location will have two more, imagine a shelf where the second figure, the field known as "Col" shows of the column or vertical row on the shelf where the product, finally the last of this group of three will indicate the row height or horizontal placement of the product.

Maybe it costs a little understanding of the locations but in practice means in less than two minutes and once understood will enable the program management business tell us where is the product of a very fast.

Deactivation of warehouse management

In certain cases a company may not wish to have this warehouse management functionality such as a service company that sells untangible products like services that are billed in hours, you can deactivate warehose management for each product in your catalog or deactivate full section.