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User management allows application administrators to create different users to take full control of the application and your business.

You can know which user has created a customer or which user has take an order, which store people has prepared the products and sent the order to the customer and eventually that person has claimed the payment of the overdue invoices.


Depending on the licensing of that you have buyed you will enjoy a certain amount of users and user groups in the application.

Each application user belongs to a group of users, inheriting the permissions or privileges of that group, however the administrator user can grant specific privileges to a special user . In other words permissions can be modified manually for each user, thus obtaining a total invoice privileges flexibility.

Users Groups

User groups of the online invoice software has a predefined rights,

One such privilege is the ability to edit customer or not, another would be access to certain sections of the billing program, such as accounting, etc..

These privileges are definable for each user group.

User administration group usually contain only one or two users, such as the company boss and the company manager or CEO.