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Surely you do not respond to a customer badly dressed, you could lose the sale. The image is needed to sell and you know it. is a very attractive thought to spend much time on your side and their generates invoices are professional well designed documents.
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The design of each screen of our business management software has done with the greatest care to also provide advanced invoice a management application with which to share pleasant times.

The careful design of the is not just on the screens that you can see as a user of the application because our billing software allows you to send documents such as receipts budget or invoices to your customers. Documents that have a nice design that will increase the confidence of your customers to your business.

The documents reach your customers through e-mail with a text and a PDF document attached, all from the email account you choose, for example

Text of the email that accompanies the invoice is based on templates that are editable from the control panel, which can change the text of the email so that suits your needs, you can even incorporate a footer fhrase to promote a special offer for sale such as:

All orders placed during this month enjoy a 5% discount

The design of the PDF document is selected in setup documents have five stylish templates designed by professional designers, now the bills come through the eyes not just on the pockets.