A multiple pricelist software, the price to every customer 
Here you can find the FAQ that we conducted on how the license application for our online billing invOOice.com

Questions regarding license

1. Why invOOice.com is distributed with annual licenses

invOOice.com is a online invoicing application based on the SaaS concept whose meaning is "Software as a Service" program or service through this system the company can benefit from a powerful business management software for a low annual cost. Not to use the annual leave sisteta the cost of the program would be enormous due to the work involved the creation of the constant updating and improvement to which we submit it.

It is also noteworthy that in matters relating to products or services in technology licensing option or lease option is for use with an increased future due to the numerous advantages to the user.

2. What entitles me a license to invOOice.com

To use the program for a year and all product updates and technical support through a system of consultation that includes tickets the program itself.

3. Can you buy invOOice.com without leave, ie the product

No, it is not possible to acquire invOOice.com without a license, there is a version for installation in your company because of the the same high requirements and the complexity of the system, as mentioned before it was more of a service than a tangible product.

4. How and where can I purchase a license from the billing program

From this website or through an authorized dealer.

5. How many licenses are needed to work with invOOice.com

Number of licenses depend on concurrent users or if you need to have identified the actions of each user separately, ie, to know who sold this product, who has prepared this package, and so on.

6. Are more workers access to invOOice.com with the same username at the same time

Yes, you can enter all those who want the same license, however the program does not know who performs each action .

7. How much time is required for the implementation of invOOice.com

invOOice.com is an extremely easy and intuitive to use for what should be a very short, we talked a week at most months if necessary to transfer information from your old system to ours.